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Welcome to Odyssea Divers

Learn to Dive at Odyssea DiversLet Odyssea Divers take you on an exhilarating journey into the depths of the Sulawesi Sea, through diverse underwater terrains ranging from open waters to steep walls, submerged reefs and coral gardens.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced diver, you can be assured that you will find something new and exciting in the waters of North Sulawesi. The spectacular walls of the Bunaken Marine Park, the vast reef beds surrounding Bangka Island and the enchanting world of small and unusual creatures in the black sands of Lembeh Straits make Manado a true divers haven.

Odyssea Divers operates out of Cocotinos Manado, a Boutique Dive Resort, situated on a chocolate coloured beach in the heart of the fishing village of Kima Bajo, within picturesque Wori Bay. Cocotinos Manado is a 22-room resort, comprising 12 Duplex Villas, 8 Waters Edge Villas and 2 spacious Suites. The resort is conveniently located, being only a 25-min car ride from Sam Ratulangi International Airport and a mere 20-min boat ride to Bunaken Island.

This charming resort is the first property built and managed by PT Odyssea Utama which owns Odyssea Divers. Guest rooms are designed and furnished to provide all the comfort and convenience expected by the modern traveller.

As of August 2010, Odyssea Divers also operates an activity center out of Cocotinos Sekotong in south-west Lombok, offering diving, snorkelling, boating and other sea sports. Cocotinos Sekotong is a newly opened boutique resort built in an established coconut plantation with a stunning white-sand beach of over 300m in length. Clear blue waters and small tropical islands face the resort making it ideal for divers and honeymooners alike. We have been carrying out explaratory dives in the area around the 13 islands which lie within Sekotong Bay and are pleased to inform that we have already identified a number of very interesting sites with critters that are waiting to be discovered by keen divers. The diving in Lombok is different from that in Manado and we Odyssea Divers are proud to be able to offer a choice of two dive destinations to our guests


Lynn and Friends

Thank you Mr. John Campbell & Mrs. Jacqueline Campbell for spending your time with us. We're looking forward to seeing both of you again in the future. Safe travels back to your home. 😊🙏
For enquiries : Info@cocotinos-manado.com
For more information : www.cocotinos-manado.com

Lynn and Friends

Thank you Mr. Angelo Caporali & Ms. Julie Marie Jeane Schneiveis for choosing to stay with us. We're looking forward to seeing you again in the future. Safe travels back to your home. 😊🙏
For enquiries : Info@cocotinos-manado.com
For more information : www.cocotinoslembeh.com

Lynn and Friends

When it comes to turning a stay into an experience, the owner of Turkish Television & Radio admitted that he has the convenience of full-time friendly staff whom he gets to see and interact with at Cocotinos Sekotong.😊🙏
For enquiries: info.desk@cocotinos-sekotong.com
For more information : www.cocotinos-sekotong.com